GECKO phone

Advertising success through direct conversation

Despite the tightening of the legal framework, Telephone Marketing remains one of the most popular advertising channels for Dialog Marketing. We are happy to explain why this may apply to you too.

You want to have the closest possible contact with your target group?

Telephone Marketing allows you to make immediate contact with your target group and accordingly gives you direct feedback. No other medium gives you the opportunity to communicate so directly with your existing and potential customers and to respond to their requirements and initial reactions.

Can Telephone Marketing still be carried out within the legal framework today?

To help you to continue making enthusiastic calls, we GECKOs pull the right strings in the background, to facilitate a proper, legal telephone service for you.

It is essential to have a legally-sound Opt-in, the express consent of the recipient to engage in a commercial interchange per telephone – especially with an outbound telephone service, that is, actively calling the telephone subscriber.

Using GECKO’s own, certain instincts (in this case, a specially developed process with guaranteed data protection) and collaborating with our partners, we allocate valid Opt-ins to your address data and those you rent.